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Upcoming Projects


  • FIVE FINGERS (Lionsgate , 2006) – Producer
    Political thriller set in Morocco with Laurence Fishburne, Ryan Phillippe, Colm Meaney, Gina Torres; Director: Laurence Malkin.

  • SOUL ASSASSIN (Winchester Films, 2001) - Executive Producer
    Action thriller set in Amsterdam with Skeet Ulrich, Kristy Swanson, Rena Owen; Derek De Lint Director: Laurence Malkin.

  • PRINCESS OF THIEVES (ABC/Disney and Granada, 2001) - Co-Executive Producer
    Action-adventure about Robin Hood's Daughter with Malcolm McDowell, Stephen Moyer Director: Peter Hewitt.

  • THE UNSAID (New Legend Media and Minds Eye, 2001) - Producer
    Psychological drama with Andy Garcia, Teri Polo Director: Tom McLoughlin.

  • SILENT HEARTS/aka NOWHERE TO GO (Lifetime, 1999) - Executive Producer
    Family drama with Marianne Jean-Baptiste, John Shea, Scott Caan, Carol Baker Director: John Caire.

  • RETROACTIVE (MGM/UA, 1997) - Co-producer
    Sci-fi action thriller with James Belushi, Frank Whaley, Kylie Travis Director: Louis Morneau.

  • PUDDLE CRUISER (Sundance/Showtime, 1996/aired 1999) - Executive Producer
    Romantic comedy with Broken Lizard Comedy Troupe Director: Jay Chandrasekhar.
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  • MURDER IN MIND (BBC and Lakeshore, 1996) - Associate Producer
    Psychological thriller with Nigel Hawthorne, Mary Louise Parker; Writer: Michael Cooney Director: Andrew Morahan.

  • WHY?TV (1996) Executive in Charge of Production
    Half hour children's television show with Dave Thomas (pilot episode).


Of Corset's Mine
Five Fingers
The Unsaid
Princess of Thieves
Murder in Mind

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