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Celebrating Our
Fifteenth Anniversary!

Reynolds Entertainment celebrates its 15th Anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival this year! After a successful run of feature and television movies in its formative years, Reynolds is continuing the momentum with an ambitious ongoing slate of original, quality fare with international appeal.

Our Films

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve in both its complexity and scope, there is an increasing need for savvy production companies that can provide new pathways to success for independent filmmakers. At Reynolds Entertainment, we leave no stone unturned in finding creative solutions for project development, financing and distribution. We recognize that every project has distinct characteristics and strive to maximize the value of these elements as we structure each production. Our films reflect that diversity and we invite you to explore the many possibilities of doing business with Reynolds Entertainment.


The Film Festival Circuit

Despite protestations to the contrary, every town from here to Timbuktu wants to be as cool as Hollywood, if only for a little while. They've seen the famous sign on the hill, they may have even tested out the cement footprints at Mann's Chinese, but they remain unfulfilled. What better way to sate this fascination with the movie biz than to move the mountain to the masses and put on a hometown festival?


Of Corset's Mine
Filming in Ireland 2012

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